Trouble Brewing in Bellingham?

The Woods Coffee was conceived by Wesley Wayne Herman, a failed businessman and convicted felon, around 2002, after he plead guilty in federal court to felony fraud. Herman’s fraudulent business practices led federal prosecutors to investigate him for making hundreds of thousands of dollars from mail, tax and insurance fraud schemes.  He has several times owed the government hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax liens.  Even after his prison conversion to right-wing evangelism, Herman's ethical practices have improved little; he gets sweet insider deals on public and private properties through his political connections; he uses his economic power to engage in partisan mudslinging, falsely advertises his products as fair-trade and organic; he mistreats his workers and the community.

The Woods Coffee Boycott started in early 2011 as a response to ongoing censorship of local media, but we quickly realized that W.W. Herman and his business present a much more disturbing picture. To the best of our knowledge the information on this website is truthful and accurate.  Where documentation is available, we have tried to retain it.  We encourage you to look into Herman's practices and claims for yourself.